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Uncover Your Purpose and Potential

Life coaching is the act of empowering someone who feels stuck. "Stuck" can mean so many different things to all of us. It can mean feeling stuck in our bad habits, old routines, paralyzing fears, comfortable careers that don't ignite us, or relationships where we don't feel we can be our authentic selves.


Stuck can mean we are searching for our purpose in life, wanting to accomplish a goal but feeling overwhelmed and insecure, or as vague as an overall feeling of discontentment and not knowing why.  


Life coaching focuses on the present moment. It pairs deep, reflective questioning with daily realistic action for you to become the person you want to be. It's about walking alongside each other as a team to challenge you to make changes and try new things while discovering what works best for you.

Life coaching helps you put your life into focus and figure out what you want, why you want it, and what you will do daily to move closer to that version of you. It's about working towards goals, but also about becoming a person who enjoys the process of working towards goals and transformation, so you can use this self-awareness in any future obstacle that arises.

It's important to note that life coaching is not about quick fixes. Rather, it is a patient process of understanding who you are at this moment, flaws and all, and finding peace, depth, and contentment right where you are and not waiting for "one day" to give yourself permission to feel complete. Too woo-woo for you? Sorry.

Life coaching looks under your lid to see what makes you tick to come up with honest answers about who you authentically are and how you want to grow. It helps you to step away from your life, so you can see it objectively and make discoveries you might not see when you're swept up in daily routines, recurring thoughts, or negative narratives about who you are. 


Coaching does not mean I am a guru and will spoon-feed you answers. It means I will ask you questions to help you uncover your truth and values, and you have to be willing to do the work to see the lasting change you are seeking and to experience powerful breakthroughs. 

What can Life Coaching Help You with?

If you keep having a feeling that you want to do more with your life, take more risks, deepen your relationships, grow your confidence, or cultivate better daily habits that reflect your values, life coaching might be beneficial.

Together, we can work on:

  • Uncovering Your Purpose - Discover what your passions are and how you can incorporate them into your life to live more deeply.

  • Understanding Who You Are - Honor who you are and how you have become this person while knowing you can step outside of that box in confidence.

  • Tapping into Your Potential - Understand what you're capable of with some grit, focus, and speaking your dreams out loud.

  • Creating Changes - Address your fears or limiting beliefs to go after what you feel called to pursue. Incorporate lasting daily rituals for any sized goal. 

  • Deepening Your Relationships - Give voice to what is lacking, why it's important to you, and create ways to help you grow closer to others and yourself.

  • Getting Unstuck - Pinpoint why you feel stuck and become empowered to take action.

Life Coaching in Dayton, Ohio (and anywhere via Zoom)

I coach anyone on any walk of life, but I especially connect well with people who are open to direct talk and who are ready to take action. If you're open to the deep, transformational work of coaching, I care more about that commitment than I do your gender or anything else. If you're a human, we have that in common, and that's a lot.

I coach anyone who wants to get unstuck and find more confidence, peace, joy, and who wants to tap more into their purpose and values.  

Contact me for a free 30-minute discovery call to see if coaching might be the best path for you and to discern if I would be the best coach for you.



"Rebecca is a gem to work with and an empowering life coach! I felt heard during our sessions and inspired by her transparent and genuine encouragement. Through our discussions and her tangible promptings, I was able to express my goals, make a plan to walk toward them, and begin implementing new skills and rhythms to help me achieve my goals. I am grateful for the time I had to work with her!" - Elizabeth D.

Testimonial for Rebecca Rine Life Coaching

"Rebecca is very real. She’s very approachable and non-judgmental. She provided a safe place for me to be real with myself, so that I can truly obtain my personal goals. She sometimes asked hard questions that I had to think about, but they were great questions. She provided a different perspective on things that I hadn’t thought about and was very encouraging. The "homework" we created together was very reasonable and helped personal growth and progression to obtain my goals." -Sarah V.



"Rebecca was absolutely born to do this. She used questions to pull answers out of my heart. The plan we put in place was small to begin with, but grew and the sessions answered every question I was asking myself. She has a gift of making you feel heard. By prompting and asking questions, you figure out your own destiny. You’re the one who has control over the session. She just helps guide you, and having her as a life coach has been absolutely life-changing in only 4 sessions."      -Heaven C.

"This was my first experience with a life coach. I did not know what to expect but felt very well guided and prepared for each session and throughout the week. Time went so fast and I felt like I made leaps and bound every time it was over. Then I had very clear and attainable activities/goals to do between sessions. This time with Rebecca was life changing. I felt like I started with a big ball of tangled yarn and by the end of time our together it was untangled and being used to further my life goals. She felt very safe to talk to, and was really encouraging. She also had a lot of resources and ideas to get me where I wanted to head but was never pushy or forceful. I am so grateful for our time together." -S.N.  

Coaching Packages

Experiencing financial hardship but want to transform your life?

Limited scholarships are available, so please contact me for more information.

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