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2-Month Intensive

What you'll get in this package:

  • 1-hour coaching sessions over Zoom or in person, if you're in the Dayton, Ohio area. We can do a coffee shop or nature — whatever makes you most comfortable to open up.

  • Check-ins over text/email to keep you focused on making this your priority

  • Resources to help you learn more and grow in between sessions

Who this package is best suited for:

This 2-month intensive is best for someone who feels stuck but needs the time to help uncover why. When we work together for 2 months, it gives us the time to dig deeply into not only why you feel stuck but to start practicing habits that can help you become who you envision.

This package is great for someone who feels a bit unsure of where to start but also has a willingness to talk openly to find those answers together. I always recommend doing a session once a week for 4 weeks, and if you want to spread out your last 4 visits, you will have up to 6 months from your start date to use them all. 

Price:        $800 one-time payment (save $20) / 2 monthly payments of $410/4 bi-weekly payments of $205

After you purchase and use an entire coaching package, 3 additional add-on sessions are $75 each within 12 months from start date of coaching

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