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From being naked in public to spending time in a body cast, Rebecca Rine combines stories with insights to encourage self-improvement and reflection in other women. She nudges you to take a step back, listen to your gut, and feel it all, even when you have no idea what's next.

With emotional candor sprinkled with humor, Rine openly sheds light on women's shared hurdles such as: parenting, marriage, spirituality, sexism, aging, and self-neglect that comes with putting others first.

Life can be simultaneously joyful and terrible. Making peace with this contradiction is a vital key to happiness. Rine encourages you to be your authentic self instead of who you think you should be, so the road ahead will be a deeper journey with more fun.

The end of each chapter has a brief "conversation starter" where she poses questions to challenge, ignite and stretch women. No one knows what waits ahead, so let's dig into today.

"She writes about real life in a way that hooks you, and you can't put the book down!"

"Rebecca reminds you you're not alone in whatever you're going through, and she does it with heartwarming humor that is so real."

"This book is so relatable. There is no candy-coating or b.s., and I love that!"

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