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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you conduct sessions?

Answer: I live in Dayton, Ohio, so if you're in that area, I'd love to do in-person sessions. Sitting in nature always tends to bring out the best in everyone, so we can meet at a park or sit next to a campfire. You decide what you need. For clients not in the area, I do the sessions over Zoom, and I can record and send you those sessions if you'd like. If you don't want to do it over the computer, we can do phone calls. I want you to be comfortable and ready to open up in our sessions, so if you say you want to meet at the zoo, I'll probably do it.

Question: Do you do groups or just 1:1?

Answer: The majority of my sessions are one-on-one, but I can meet with couples, as long as their goals are in line with each other. Couples coaching can strengthen communication skills and help build routines and rituals. I also do workshops that address one general theme to a group and can be customized to whatever you need for your group. 

Question: What makes you a life coach and not just another person who asks questions?

Answer: If the term "life coach" makes your eyes roll, it's okay. I get it. I'm bombarded by get-rich schemes all the time online that talk about how life coaching is the next thing and anyone can do it. PUH-LEASE. The truth is, it is science paired with positive psychology, sprinkled with the ability to understand emotions and create foundational tools to elevate you. Once I read respected sources about life coaching, I enrolled in an international course through Jay Shetty, which is accredited by the Association of Coaching. The techniques, tools, practice, and skills I gained have taken my understanding and knowledge to another level.

Question: How do I know which coaching package to choose?

Answer: I can easily help you with that in our 30-minute consultation. I promise to never try to upsell you or be a creepy salesperson. I couldn't sell a salmon to a bear, so believe me when I say that is not my thing. We'll chat about your goals, and we can decide which package is for you. If you feel you've been working a while and just need one session to clarify some things in your mind, we can do a one-time session that lasts 75 minutes. 

Question: What is the agenda of each life coaching session?

Answer: If I had a pre-planned agenda, I would tell you to not hire me since coaching is such a personalized experience. My sessions are tailor-made to focus on you and your needs, and I ask questions based on observations I make or as a way to help you see things more clearly or differently. As a starting point, I do ask my clients to help me understand which area in their life we'll focus on such as relationships, spirituality, confidence, career, finding purpose, etc. As our sessions progress, we almost always find there is a crossover in these categories since wellness is holistic and so is life.  

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