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I'm Rebecca Rine, an author and life coach who serves moms who give their best selves to everyone except for themselves. Sometimes they are moms who wonder who they are beyond motherhood or have a career goal they keep pushing away in fear of failing. Together, we uncover pieces to the puzzle that have been neglected. The picture of who they are starts to come into focus again as we create weekly goals for them to live their best life, according to them. 

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My Story

I'm a writer, mom, stepmom, and wife. I was born and raised near Buffalo, New York and then moved to Medina, Ohio. I've always been curious about people and experiences, so I moved to London after college without knowing anyone and lived there for 6 months, working in a cafe. I then moved to Chicago to work in radio and comedy and lived there for nearly 15 years before moving back to Ohio, this time in Dayton. 


The older I get, the more I feel at peace with the truth that life rarely matches the scripts we've written in our minds. True empowerment comes when we can understand who we are --not who we think we should be or wish we were--and present that imperfect person to the world, in spite of fear or self-consciousness.


We women tend to run ourselves ragged trying to juggle it all and have it all, especially moms. Before we know it, we're on a conveyor belt with no time to step off and make space for ourselves without it feeling selfish or silly. 


I've faced and caused sadness and joy in my life, just like you, and I've felt stuck and afraid to be my authentic self, just like nearly every woman I've ever met at one time in her life. Who you are should be celebrated, nurtured, and honored as something sacred since there is only one you. 


I'd love to chat with you to see how life coaching can help you tap into your potential and celebrate your purpose. Reach out to me for a free 30-minute consultation.



Proudly serving and celebrating absolutely everyone.

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