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1-Month Deep Dive

What you'll get in this package:

  • 4 1-hour coaching sessions over Zoom or in person, if you're in the Dayton, Ohio area. We can do a coffee shop or nature — whatever makes you most comfortable to open up.

  • Check-ins over text/email to keep you focused on making this your priority

  • Resources to help you learn more and grow in between sessions

Who this package is best suited for:

This 1-month deep dive is best for someone who already has self-awareness and is certain they know what they want to work on. The client usually feels stuck but has some understanding of where to start and a willingness to jump in quickly to get the work done without hesitation.​ This package is great for someone who knows they can hold themselves accountable to continue the work on their own long-term. Whereas other packages allow time to dig into multiple areas of your life, this package would let us focus completely on only one.

Price:        $400 one-time payment (save $20) / 2 bi-weekly payments of $210

After you purchase and use an entire coaching package, 3 additional add-on sessions are $75 each within 12 months from start date of coaching

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